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Avi Warshavsky

CEO at MindCET - Ed Tech innovation center


EdTech Transformational Market Impact
09/06/2022 13:20 UTC
09/06/2022 07:20 America/Costa_Rica
09/06/2022 08:20 America/Mexico_City
09/06/2022 08:20 America/Bogota
09/06/2022 09:20 America/Santiago
09/06/2022 10:20 America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires
09/06/2022 15:20 Europe/Madrid
09/06/2022 14:20 Europe/Lisbon
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  • UTC
  • America/Costa_Rica
  • America/Mexico_City
  • America/Bogota
  • America/Santiago
  • America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires
  • Europe/Madrid
  • Europe/Lisbon
20 min.
Día 3 / Sala 1


The latest world crisis has provide unique opportunities for the long-awaited EdTech penetration on the educational market worldwide. A new understanding and interest from all significant stakeholders have placed startups on central stage.  This ia an unique education and historical opportunity that can change the course of its industry.

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Avi Warshavsky

Founder and CEO of MindCET EdTech Innovation Centre (established by the non-profit Center for Educational Technology, Israel’s leader in technological-based educational solutions, where he is currently member of the Board of Directors), a global leader in EdTech including a wide range of activities for startups and educators such as accelerators, R&D, investment, testing as well as education institutions’ adoption of innovative pedagogies based on cutting edge technology. Warshavsky is a pioneer and founder of global initiatives such as GESAwards (world’s largest EdTech competition and community), member of many multi-national ventures as well as at the board of successful EdTech startup companies. BA and MA in Humanities by Hebrew University and Tel Aviv University.


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